Membership is cost-free and anyone in any “related” industry may apply to the collective. Membership applications will be considered by the management and granted based on a strict set of criteria.

The following organisations are members of ASTE (no specific order)…



Categories under which you, or your business, may apply are…

  • Venues & Locations
  • Entertainers
  • Equipment & Facilities Supply
  • Security & Event Manpower
  • Photographic / AV
  • Logistics Management
  • Food & Beverage & Associated Supply
  • Administrative & Consulting (inc Legal, Event Management, Insurers, Professional)

New categories are being added all the time at the suggestion of membership.

If you’d like to apply to become a member of ASTE, use the form below to submit your initial application. Someone from our management team will be in touch to further your application.

Before applying, please refer to our Code of Ethics.