Code of Ethics

ASTE members operate their business activities on a strict code of ethics as defined below…

An ASTE member MUST at all times…

  • Observe and comply with the laws, legislation and regulations of the country, state or territory within which operating
  • Behave with complete professionalism in all aspects of business dealings and activities
  • Observe local regulations specifically concerning the safety, security and well-being of minors and young adults
  • Treat all young people with the same degree of respect, professionalism and ethical behaviour as would be afforded any adult
  • Demonstrate innovation with goods and services offered to suit or adapt specifically to the needs and wants of young people

Member Reporting

If at any time it is reported to ASTE that a member has behaved in a manner contrary to this code, we have a method of investigation and remedy on hand. If you feel that a member has breached this code, please use the form below to make your initial report. Once submitted, a member of our management team may contact you for further information about your report.