ASTE Awards

ASTE rewards members who exceed expectations in the performance of their duties for the Teen Events market in Australia.

Annually, there are awards given for a variety of categories, based on nominations from both ASTE members and their customers for excellence in delivery of exceptional work for the industry.

Categories for ASTE Awards include…

  • Best Venue – Outstanding Service
  • Best Venue – Outstanding Value
  • Best Venue – Outstanding Cuisine
  • Best Supplier – Entertainment
  • Best Supplier – Decor
  • Best Supplier – Imaging & Technical Services
  • Best Supplier – Event Services

ASTE Awards for 2019 – Winners & Special Mentions

LP_Venues_Logo_RGB2019 Best Venue – Outstanding Service

Luna Park Venues – Luna Park Sydney

Luna Park Venues Sydney continues to astonish the industry with the versatility of venues, event services and diversity of ideas for how to present any event in the most innovative ways.

2019 saw special recognition deserved in this category for Minor’s Functions where service standards were surpassed under difficult and

challenging circumstances at several events during September and November, including Freshwater Senior Campus Year 12 Formal, Barker College Year 12 Formal and North Sydney Girls High Year 12 Formal.


Special Mention – Mercure Sydney for maintaining fabulous standards of professionalism and quality-control during a challenging Minor’s Function, KRB Year 11 Social held in September.

Best Venue – Outstanding Value

Amora Jamison Sydney

amora-directoryAmora Jamison underwent a multi-million dollar refurbishment and re-emerged onto the events market with a boom when this boutique 5-Star city hotel amazed the industry with the sheer design beauty and flair built into the event spaces. While it was expected that this would push the ROI needs up with pricing to match, instead the policy was to attract a new wave of business in the Minor’s Functions sector by reverting back to pre-refurb pricing.

This policy not only meant that a wider section of the Minor’s event market could afford this outstanding venue and it’s services, but it also pushed this property over the top in this category for outstanding value.

mercure-sydney-directory1Special Mention – Mercure Sydney for maintaining a low and affordable price point for Minor’s Functions consistently for the 2019 season.

Best Venue – Outstanding Cuisine

Captain-Cook-Prom-LogoCaptain Cook Cruises Sydney

With harbour cruise vessels in the Minor’s Function sector not normally known for superior standards of culinary art, this year Captain Cook surprised the industry with a set menu for the School Formal market that delighted everyone. Despite the obvious challenges of a mobile and cramped galley-kitchen facility, Captain Cook III delivered 5-Star food on a 4-Star budget for several high-end private schools in 2019.

amora-directorySpecial Mention – Amora Jamison Sydney for their 2019 Finger-Food Buffet selections for semi-formals and socials that exceeded all expectations in both quality and quantity for the cost per head.

Best Supplier – Entertainment

divine logoDivine Productions

Anthony Hughes and his stable of talent at Divine Productions is certainly no stranger to awards, we’re very pleased to add yet another to their office wall. The 2019 Minor’s Functions season saw several amazing and outstanding performances by Disc Jockeys at venues all over the Sydney region, with notable specific events such as the Barker College Year 10 Party, the KRB Year 11 Social and the Redlands Year 10 Harbour Cruise. This award is given for one of the most overlooked niche talents in this industry, and that’s simply the ability to remain relatable to the current wishes and desires of teen audiences, then deliver precisely what they want in a format that evokes maximum enjoyment.

Soul Shack LogoSpecial Mention – Soul Shack for their live band performances appropriate to Minor’s with formats enjoyed by students at the Redlands Year 12 Formal. This amazing band was also assessed while performing at a Northern Beaches community festival where children of all ages enjoyed their programme.

Best Supplier – Decor

Bespoke-logo550Bespoke Social

Bespoke Social exploded onto the Sydney events scene only a few short years ago and have made a big splash with their decor innovations and outstanding quality of service. The team have absolutely smashed this category in 2019 with amazing decor packages for Minor’s Functions at very affordable rates with the added challenges of extremely tight venue turnarounds and limited access. Despite any and all obstacles, every event in this category that we saw had a flawless presentation from Bespoke Social.

BSlogosmallSpecial Mention – Balloon Saloon for their 3 foot helium balloon design creations at the Barker College Year 10 Party 2019. The introduction of their new “Organics” this season puts them in contention for the 2020 category also.

Best Supplier – Imaging & Technical Services

SilvercitylogoSilver City Photo Co.

With 3 decades of experience in the Minor’s Events sector, it’s no surprise that Silver City has once again delivered outstanding, affordable, appropriate and diverse range of photographic and social media services to this sector with a flawless result. Photography packages with amazing online galleries accessible within hours and amazingly cool and efficient custom-engineered portable Photo Booths made short work of the Paparazzi needs of the teen events market this year.

microhire logoSpecial Mention – Microhire for outstanding LED and Semi-Intelligent lighting washes at the Crystal Palace Grand Ballroom (Luna Park) for the MacKellar Girls Year 11 Formal.

Best Supplier – Event Services

Prom Logo MID SIZEProm Night Events

Australia’s premier event managers in the Minor’s Functions sector, PNE has taken out this  category hands-down for several years running. 2019 is no exception as they continue to deliver flawless, incident-free and perfectly executed School Formals, Socials, Valedictory Dinners and other school-related events throughout each season in several cities. 2019 saw the launch of the Queensland office making this outstanding service available to Gold Coast and Brisbane school markets with the approval and welcome of the QLD state government.

acesSpecial Mention – ACES for outstanding levels of security, legal compliance and logistics management across more than 20 challenging Minor’s Functions in 2019.

The ASTE Awards are announced in January each year and nominations close 30th Nov midnight (Eastern Daylight Saving Time).

If you’d like to nominate someone for an ASTE Award – use the form below…